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great lawyer! highly recommend. I had an absolutely great experience with him

Jon H.​

Highly recommend. Paul is diligent and thorough. He addressed my legal issues swiftly.

E. D.

Great lawyer talks directly with you and is up front with the possible outcome. Was well prepared for trial if need be. His assistant is amazing friendly and responds to email in a timely fashion. Highly recommend him.

Brandon B.

Paul is a great guy and great lawyer. I had a weird criminal case that kept getting reopened and sent to trial and closed and reopened. He was there every step of the way. One of the times I was summoned, it was a “confidential case” so I couldn’t get a lawyer retained before arraignment. Paul happened to be across the courthouse and on that date, and showed up last second to save the day. He fought this case to the end and got me the best outcome possible. And he didn’t charge an arm and a leg to do it, like any other attorney I’ve ever had did. And his assistants were wonderful as well. Didn’t give me any info they didn’t have, relayed info well, and put me in touch with Paul in any emergency. Thank you guys for your services.

Nick H.

10/10 recommend!!!!!

Shawna S

I have worked directly with Paul Figueroa as well as observed him in the courtroom. Paul clearly impliments logic, compassion, and grace for everyone he works with. Paul will go the distance to provide above and beyond service.

Adam S

Mr. Figueroa truly cares about his clients and their families. He has an expert staff with decades of experience and understanding of behavioral health challenges, which is beneficial when working with families considering Baker Act or Marchman Act for their loved one.

Ashley H

After being involved in a terrifying auto accident Paul Figueroa Law was instrumental in helping me through the entire legal process. Paul is professional, knowledgeable and very personable. Once I sought Paul’s expertise he made me feel confident and at ease during such a stressful and scary time. Paul is also a respectable and friendly face in the community; when you add up all those attributes you can’t go wrong with having Paul Figueroa Law on your side.

Crystal H

Paul is ethical and I personally know for a fact that he cares about his work and his clients.

Christopher N.

I appreciate your work ethic, transparency and passion for what you do. As an outreach coordinator for Harmony Hills, I am blessed to have your firm as a resource to help individuals struggling and their family get the help they need. You always go the extra mile and that is not overlooked. Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do as a trusted attorney in Tampa Bay!!

Dani O.

One of the most reputable, hardworking and honest attorneys I have ever worked with. Paul’s compassion separates him from the rest. What truly sets him apart is his approach, offering advice to his clients, even if they are unable to retain him. I highly recommend Paul, and have seen first hand the work he does with the dozens of clients we have worked with together.

Stephen S.

Paul is fair, caring, honest, and trustworthy. Never thought in a million years we would need a lawyer but was truly blessed to come across him!!

Michele M.

I would like to give a big shout out to the best lawyer in Tampa Bay, Paul Figueroa!! Paul helped us out tremendously with his thorough research, follow up and expertise in dealing with an apartment complex that tired to cheat us out of our deposit for our son in Orlando.
After communicating with the complex for over a year, with no results, Paul stepped in and had the matter taken care of in a week and we received all of our deposit back!!
Not only is Paul an exceptional person, he’s an exceptional representative for the people who put their trust in his abilities to get the job done.
Thank you Paul for your professionalism and care while dealing with our case!!

Deidre C.M.

Paul is the ONLY lawyer I have used for the past 4 years , and he is hands down the only one I trust. The extent this man goes to prove and win his cases is astonishing; countless times I have called in the midst of crisis and his calm demeanour greets me and by the end of the call I know I am in perfect hands. Excuse my lack of professionalism but this man is a savage in the court room. Paul is truly THE best.

Victoria S.

Mr Figueroa is a great attorney. my family needed his assistance for a matter and he came through with flying colors. I would definitely recommend him for Baker act law. he is the real deal. he puts the pedal to the metal and pushes paper and gets things done and I highly recommend him and he is also very compassionate

Greg B.

I am in the beginning stages of getting help for my wife. I can tell you that the professionalism and promptness of Paul and his staff have been outstanding thus far. He truly cares about the people he is representing and he does it at a rate that most can afford. I am so very pleased to have them representing my wife in these difficult times

Brendan R.

Paul and his staff were amazing in handling a matter for Us. His rapid response to questions, always willing to talk. Made the situation more comfortable. He will be our go to attorney going forward.
Thank you for everything! You guys are truly amazing.

Michelle L.B.

They were so helpful getting my daughter out of somewhere that she shouldn’t of been and if it wasn’t for them she would still be there they listen to me and they were very kind I will definitely call on them again you guys are amazing thank you so much

Sarah J.

Paul isn’t only a great lawyer, he is great person! I strongly suggest if you need a lawyer you call him. He will look out for your best interest and is 100% honest with you about everything. He will point you in the right direction and work for the best outcome for you and your family. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Danny L.